Racing Results

    Wrong Result?

    Please check results as soon as possible after they are published. If you notice a mistake please contact the Results Officer. Where the results published reflect the results sheets from the race in question, challenges to the recorded result should be directed to the duty Race Officer. 

    Note that Officer of the Day and Average Points results may not show properly where less than the number of qualifying races have been completed. 

    DNC or DNS?

    Under the Racing Rules of Sailing definition DNC is awarded where a competitor "did not start; did not come to the starting area" and DNS is awarded where the competitor "did not start (other than DNC or OCS)". 

    Within the LLSC Sailing Instructions the starting area is defined as "The area where boats in good time for their start will sail between their preparatory signals. In effect, it is the area in which the race committee can easily identify a boat, usually from her sail number."



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